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2013 / 16mm transfered to video / 10 min


Basic social cell, a family, is dissected by the shadow and light in this Caligariesque retelling of an old tale.


a sumptuous narrative suffused with the technique and beauty of cinema’s silent era

Noah Gowan (Grolsch Film Works)

a stylized update to the story of Isaac, which harkens to the paintings of Carravagio and the early German expressionism of Fritz Lang and Carl Meyer

- Washington Jewish Film Festival


2014 Second Prize for film Binding, Grolsch Film Works, European Initiative

2013 Grand Prix for film Binding, Montreal Underground Film Festival, CANADA

directing: Aaron Ellis, Kasia Płazińska

cinematography, editing, sound design: K.P. 

original sounds: Zach Zubow 

producers: Michael Korpi

special thanks: Dr. Carbonara, Digital Media Excellence Fund + Austin Polish Society

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