Film Festivals:

2014 Grolsch Film Works, 2nd prize, UK

2014 New York Jewish Film Festival, US

2014 Montreal Underground Film Festival, 1st prize, CA

2014 Washington Jewish Film Festival, US

2014 Big Muddy Film Festival, US

2014 Short Waves Film Festival, Poland

2014 London and Porto Underground Film Festivals, UK

2014 Isola Cinema Film Festival, Slovenia



Aaron Ellis, Kasia Płazińska /  directing

Kasia Płazińska / cinematography

Kasia Płazińska, Zach Zubow / sound design

Korpi & Carbonara Excellence Fund (Baylor University),

and Austin Polish Society / co-financing



 a sumptuous narrative suffused with the technique and beauty of cinema’s silent era

                                                                                                                                                 - Noah Gowan (Grolsch Film Works)


2013 / 16mm transfered to video / 10 min



Basic social cell, a family, is dissected by the shadow and light in this Caligariesque retelling of an old tale.

a stylized update to the story of Isaac, which harkens to the paintings of Carravagio 

and the early German expressionism of Fritz Lang and Carl Meyer

                                                                                                                   - Washington Jewish Film Festival