2015                       Master of Fine Arts, Film Production, University of Iowa, USA

2011                       Master of Arts, Film and Digital Media, Baylor University, USA

2008                       Master of Arts, Czech Language and Literature, University of Wroclaw, Poland

                                (pursued as a research at Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

2006                       Bachelors of Fine Arts, Czech Language and Literature, University of Wroclaw, Poland

2000                       School of Art, Lodz, Poland




2015                       Jury Award for film Chapri, Ann Arbor Film Festival

                                MacArthur Travel Grant

                                MacDowell Arts Colony, Residency

                                Director's Choice Award for film Chapri, Black Maria Film Festival

2014                       Second Prize for film Binding, Grolsch Film Works

                                Vermont Studio Center, merit-based grant and financial aid package

2013                       Grand Prix for film Binding, Montreal Underground Film Festival

                                Honorable Citation for film Movement #1, Open Stage: Theater Dance Festival in Tarnow

                                Ann Arbor Polish Cultural Fund Film Stipend

                                Graduate Student Senate Travel Grant

2012                       Telluride Film Festival Symposium (participation in seminars with Sally Potter,

                                 Jack Garfein, Joshua Openheimer, Errol Morris, Ken Burns)

                                Cinematic Arts Departmental Travel Grant 

                                Austin Polish Society Film Stipend

2011-14                 Iowa Arts Fellowship (awarded by the University of Iowa)

2011                       Steadicam Workshop with Tiffen

2009                       Korpi & Carbonara Excellence Fund




2015                       The Whitney Museum, The Andy Warhol Film Project, Projectionist of 16mm prints, USA

                                Littlejohn Contemporary Gallery, Assistant Manager, USA

                                6.30 AM Experimental Films, Co-curator, MacDowell Arts Colony, USA

2014                       The Museum of Chinese in America, creator of a video installed with the exhibition Memory Prints, USA

                                Cinematic Arts Department, Faculty Hiring Committee, University of Iowa, USA

2013-now              Bijou Theater, Film Scene, Projectionist (DCP & 35mm), USA

2012-14                 Modes of Film and Video Production, Instructor, University of Iowa, USA  

2012                       IBM International Collegiate Programming Contest, videographer, Poland

                                React To Film, coordinator, USA

2011-12                 Bijou Theater, board member, USA

2011                       Prairie High School, Visiting Artist and Workshop Instructor, Cedar Rapids, USA

2009-11                 Jewish Studies, Teaching and Research Assistant, Baylor University, USA

2009                       I love Kino Film Series, curator, Waco, USA

                                Haunted Exhibition of Local Art and Music, co-curator, USA      

2007                       Lotos Oil, translator, Czech Republic




Solace, 2015, HD video, 15m 51s, fiction

Memory Prints, 2014, HD video, 12m 51s, nonfiction

Chapri, 2015, HD video, 6m 18s, nonfiction

Maria, 2014, HD video, 11m 50s, fiction

Binding, 2013, 16mm transferred to HD, 9m 09s, fiction

Replacement, 2012, 3m 38s, HD video, nonfiction

Movement #1, 2012, 3m 33s, HD video, nonfiction

JD, 2011, 20m, HD video, nonfiction

Deep in the Heart of Texas, 2010, 6m 41s, HD video, nonfiction

The Cycle, 2009, 11m 52s, HD video, fiction

Etant Donnes, 2009, 7m 19s, HD video, fiction

Clubwash Blues, 2008, 9m 02s, HD video, nonfiction

Ballerina, 2001, 2m 48s, HD video, nonfiction




Quiet, Witches, 2014, 1h 20m, theater play, actor

Mold, 2013, 40m, theater play, director

Content Warning: On Traunomenology by Maia Melton, 2013, 5h, performance, actor

Static Separation, 2013, 4m 34s on loop, HD video, performance, actor

Framed, 2013, 1m 33s on loop, HD video, performance, actor

Fleshing, 2013, 3m on loop, HD video, singel channel installation

The Pillowman, 2012, 30m, theater play, director

Debtors & Collectors, 2012, 10m, theater play, director




2015                       Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland

                                Ann Arbor Film Festival, Touring Program, USA

                                Off Biennale Budapest, Hungary

                                MacDowell Downtown, USA

                                Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA

                                Black Maria Film Festival, Festival Tour, USA

                                Big Muddy Film Festival, USA

2014                       The Best of Dark Montreal Underground Film Festival Fundraiser, Canada

                                Museum of Chinese in America, USA

                                Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK

                                Isola Cinema Film Festival, Slovenia

                                Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada

                                Big Muddy Film Festival, USA

                                Short Waves Film Festival, Poland

                                Seminar presentation, Cinematic Arts Department, University of Iowa, USA

                                Washington Jewish Film Festival, USA

                                New York Jewish Film Festival, Film Society at Lincoln Center, USA

                                Grolsch Film Works, global initiative supporting emerging filmmakers

2013                       London & Porto Underground Film Festivals, UK

                                Ox Bow, School of the Arts, Creating Fear, a course taught by Jesse McLean, USA

                                University of Iowa Museum of Art, USA

                                Open Stage: Theater Dance Festival in Tarnow, Poland

                                Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada

                                51st Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA

                                Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, USA

                                International Academic Video Festival UFrame Sao Paulo, Brazil

                                SEFF Binghamton Film Festival, USA

2012                       Playground Film Festival, USA

                                Works In Progress Festival, USA

                                IC DOCS Film Festival, USA

                                Des Moines Arts Festival, USA




2008                       “Problemy z Teoretyczno-Literackim Ujęciem Czeskiego Undergroundu” [“Problems with Theoretical Interpretation

                                 of Czech Literary Underground”], Materials from conference, Poland

                                “Návrat Jako Převrat” [“Return as an Overturn”], 25fps, Czech Republic.

                                “Czeskie Kino nie tylko o Pieprzeniu” [“Czech Cinema not only about Screwing”], ProArte, Poland